Saturday, March 24, 2007

I had this expectation that when I checked my blog I would have so many comments it would take me too long to read them. Surprise, surprise not a word back. I think it gets back to my previous I love to leave long voice messages because I am never interrupted but I guess you always expect a call back. So, I am feeling a little rejected and neglected but I'll get over it. In psychobabble terms this is called inducing guilt in the other person to get what you want. I am proclaiming my disclaimer already.
Today is an exciting day at the store. We are having our first ever dye class and Carla and I are raring to go. Yesterday, we performed our trial runs which was so much fun that several customers in the store begged to be allowed to take the workshop. We put their names on our list for the next workshop because we already have our quota of students. In any case, be prepared to see some really wild dyed yarns at the store. What is really cool is that if you have stash yarn which you are sick of looking at you can redye them.
The other big news is that FINALLY I received my Tanglewood yarns...not all of them but half of my order. They are to die for not only in terms of the colors, textures, designs but (gulp), the price. I think as do several of my customers who grabbed them up, they are worth it. Here we go for a little name dropping and showmanship. When I was at the trade show who appears at the Tanglewood booth but Sally Mellville. She buys skeins and skeins of this yarn, especially in one particular color. When she leaves I say to Trish the owner, I have got to have exactly what Sally Mellville bought. Oh my, the yarn is wall hanging worthy. Please come to the store and just admire, touch, swoon if you don't have to buy. Trish is a little nutty. Before you can purchase her yarn you have to be "shop worthy." So, I had to send her a picture of my store and tell her about me, which of course as you can see I have no trouble doing, and then she will decide if you are shop worthy for her precious yarn. It sounds elitist I know, self serving, narcissistic, and any other arrogant adjective you can think of, but I rationalized it by saying she is an artist and is very self protective. By the way it took me 4 months to receive only half of the yarn I ordered. And, only 3 stores in the country along with Tracy Uhlmann (the yarn is used in her book) have this yarn. So come by and see it for yourself.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

With the advent of Spring I am hoping that I will be "springing" forward with my blogging. Two lovely women came into my store this weekend, Raven and I think the other woman's name was Pam, and I promised them that I would become a more productive blogger. So this is for you ladies...

I don't mean to applaud myself for my recent purchases, but I just received the most gorgeous yarns from Alchemy and Sauveterre. My heart went pitter patter when I first laid eyes on the stunning colors of Alchemy and the touch and feel of Sauveterre. I have to tell you that these yarns are pricey and probably one skein costs as much as 2 tickets to the Lowes theatre and a large popcorn and soda. But, it lasts longer, is not fattening, and you can enjoy it a lot longer than a few laughs or sighs during a movie. Alchemy has this bamboo that holds color beautifully. And Sauveterre's Italian cashmere is so self indulgent and smooth. You just have to come by and look and feel.

So, after indulging myself with these yarns, I used a psychological defense known as rationalization to allow myself to feel better about my expensive self indulgence. I came to the conclusion that knitting is not fattening nor dangerous to my physical health. In fact, it is so relaxing and soothing. I think it is better than a hot bath because the worst thing about a hot bath is that you have to get out of the water and be cold for a moment. With knitting, it can go on and on and there is no difficulties with the exit or reentry process. I hear people saying all the time that they are addicted to knitting like there is something wrong with that. I am addicted to breathing. Is there something wrong with that? Enough said.

The other yarn that I received (like it was a present) was the new Twinkle yarns from Classic Elite. The pattern book looks like a hardback Vogue magazine. The models are stunning, the clothes "to die for." but I have to admit that these patterns are not for everyone. Some of the patterns are a little avant-garde but most are very sophisticated and artistically designed. And the yarns are yummy with the luscious mohair costing under $6.50 for like 300 yards. You just have to see and touch it.

I can see that blogging is not so easy because you have to know when to stop. I have this awful habit of leaving extended messages to people on their answer machines as if I were having a conversation with them. No one interrupts or makes any comment at all, at least until the machine cuts me off. I am now wondering if I only have a limited amount of space for each blog and the screen will cut me off. Don't worry, I am not going to find least not this time.

Until we meet again,