Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It is difficult for me to keep up with this blog because now I am writing the newsletter every two weeks for the shop. From my perspective, it is like writing a short story. You try to describe the happenings at the shop, present a few twists or come-ons, show pictures, and tell people what they shouldn't miss. Maybe it is really not a short story but a soap opera, not the nasty kind of course. Oh better yet, I think it is a journal. Well, enough of my obsessing, call it whatever you want. I am going to stick with diary(couldn't resist adding another one).

We are so excited about our upcoming Birthday party which is September 8. We have been planning it for quite a while and will have several trunk shows including Lorna's Laces, an exciting fashion show where everyone is a winner and there will be one grand prize winner, so please enter your garment. Of course there will be cake and refreshments and a sale on novelty yarns. More important, at least from my perspective, is that you will get to chat with fellow knitters and have fun.

New subject...Linda has been working with Sharon who owns Yoga Matrika in Squirrel Hill. They have been doing yoga/knitting workshops and apparently they are a big hit. Check it out at www.yogamatrika.com.

Until next time

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It has been a while since I have wriiten anything on this blog, but there has been a lot happening at the store and I have taken on the awesome task of writing the newsletter. I hope that you liked the most recent one. I tried to add more photos and free patterns to make it more interesting and usable. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

We are gearing up for our 2nd Anniversary party on September 8. There will be a fashion show with prizes for everyone participating and one grand prize. So, if you have knit up anything using yarn bought from Knit One, please think about entering. There are flyers at the store. What I waam hoping is that someone would knit a sweater for their dog so that the dog could be in the show. There will be refreshments, a sale on selected yarns, and lots of yarn to touch, feel, and oogle.

Ok, are you ready for a funny story. A young woman came in and bought some Smile yarn. The next day she returned it. That same day another woman came in and bought the same yarn that the other woman had just returned. Now, here is the funny part. This same woman came back a week later and returned the yarn and while she was returning it at the desk, another woman said she loved it and would buy it. Maybe you would have to be there to appreciate this story but I thought there was something pretty amazing about that Smile yarn. By the way, the yarn has not been returned. And, I can't wait to see the finished product. I am trying to convince that woman to wear it in the fashion show but maybe after she reads this she won't do it. If you are reading this....pleaseeeee!

Until next time

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I just wanted to thank everyone for shopping in the store this weekend to support Annie Modesitt and her family. I will be sending a donation to Annie given by the "closely knit community" of Knit One. When we hear about crises happening in other peoples' lives it always makes you stop and think "my problems are just not so bad." The challenge is to keep that thought in the front of our head rather than in the back. Annie and her family are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Until next time,

Friday, July 20, 2007

The coolest thin happened at the store today. Two women were shopping in the store and all of a sudden they looked at each other and they both screamed in unison. They had not seen each other since 1986 when they had been in high school together in Erie. Here they are:

They had so much fun at the store together it was a pleasure to see. Of course when I begged them to let me take their picture for the blog, one wanted to change her clothes, the other wanted to add a little makeup. I thought they looked beautiful just the way they were. How could anyone look bad with all that happiness all over their faces!

So what is new at the store. I don't know what your feelings are about machine knitting. I have never been interested in it except I have always thought it would be great to use the machine to knit sleeves. I hate knitting them because they seem tedious. One is no problem but the second seems daunting. Funny how it is not the same with socks. Maybe that's because the amount of time it takes to knit a sock is a heck of a lot shorter than the time it takes to knit a front and back of a sweater. Well, the good news is that Steven, one of our instructors, teaches knitting on a machine. Here is a picture of Steven teaching two students to knit on their Brother machine.

I hope the picture is clear enough so that you can see the machine. But Steven and his students certainly look happy and I can't wait to see the finished result.

This weekend we are donating a percentage of our sales to Annie Modesitt and her family. Her husband has a very serious illness and is very ill and in a lot of pain. They do not have health insurance. If you would like to read more about it please go to her website http://www.modeknit.com/

Until next time,

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but I have been away on vacation trying hard to stay away from computers and emails. I succeeded! But here I am back in the real world staring at boxes and boxes of yarn, needles, bags, books, patterns. It seemed like everything began to arrive when I left. I have to admit that I have a lot more fun opening a couple of boxes rather than ten. Why you may ask? It is because the excitement and thrill of seeing what is in every box gets diluted by the 4th or 5th one. It is sort of like eating too much chocolate if that is possible. After about the 4th or 5th piece the flavor just isn't there anymore, at least for me.

So, what was in those boxes? Every single color of Cascade 220 known to man I think. Colorful new sock yarn from Plymouth; Boho that looks like Noro from Plymouth; Dale of Norway, Schaeffer, and I think I should stop here and keep to my principle of less is more. But I did receive these beautiful Chinese inscribed wooden boxes containing sets of bamboo crochet hooks and needles from Chicagoo. They are new this year and would be a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special. Unfrotunately, the crochet hooks flew out the door the minute I opened the box but I still have some of the straight needles left. Why does a yarn store owner say "unfortunately?" It is because I like to savour new things that I receive. I like to look at it , touch it, stare at it, take it all in. Oh well...And last but not least, we received more yarn from Artyarns. The beaded yarns lasted for about a minute. People just gobbled them up. There are silks, mohairs in some funky colors, silk and mohair, and merino wool. Knitters are making everything from scarves to shawls to tops to socks with the yarns. I know you want to see pictures...they will be coming soon.

This is my mini update. I hope it is not too boring to read without pictures. I was just feeling guilty that I had not blogged for a while.
Until nest time...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am thrilled to announce that we finally received our felting machine. The good news is that it arrived undamaged and the bad news is that we have not taken it out of the box...yet. So, for all you felters who have been afraid to use your washing machines because a/ you don't own one; b/ you are afraid that you will overshrink your garment; c/ you need to felt with friends rather than solo...Come On Down! As soon as we get it up and running, I will let you know. Carla already has a class in the works using the machine.
My second announcement is that I took the plunge and signed on to Plymouth yarn. So, for all of you who have been suffering from Encore withdrawal, your wait is over. I received 4 huge boxes of Plymouth yarn today.
The other yarn that I am thrilled about is Artyarns. I received their wool, silk, beaded silk and mohair yarns. The colors are phenomenal. The hand is luscious and you will just have to drop by and check it out. I have some fabulous patterns to go with the yarn, too. Check out www.artyarns.com. Iris Schreier is the owner and she has written the new book Lacy Little Knits and the modular knits book. In fact, she is planning to come to Knit One in the Fall. I wish I could tell you the date now but her publisher is organizing the tour.

If you are one of those unfortunate knitters who don't receive Carla's newsletter, don't forget to sign up on this site. I have received rave reviews about it because it is so well written, informative, and the photos are picture perfect. Kudos to Carla!

Until next time

Monday, June 18, 2007

I know I should probably wait until I have something more substantial to say, so this is just a tiny note but in large letters. We received the Colinette Trunk Show today by accident. We were supposed to get it in one month but OOPS it came early and the "powers that be" have allowed me to keep it. There are some adorable sweaters for him and her, kids sweaters, adult vest, socks, shawl, cute cardigan and a lacy mohair sort of evening style wrap. I liked the wrap because it has sleeves but is very open so that if you would like to wear something sleeveless under it and you want to cover up your extremities, this is the coverup for you. Hope that makes sense but if it does not, more reason to come into the store to check it out.

Until later,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

These pre-summer days have been absolutely gorgeous...perfect weather for knitting something with silk, bamboo or cotton. Check out this one skein Alchemy scarf made with silk. The photo here does not do it justice so you will just have to come to the store and check it out. There is a pattern and it is a quick and easy project. Next time I take one of these photos I will have someone wear the garment. I think it will show up better.

Exciting things are happening in the store. First, we did have a fantastic sale. People were gathering in front of the shop at 7am. I think all who came were very pleased with their purchases. That is the good news. The bad news is that the staff are plodding along doing our inventory. If anybody wants to volunteer to help, and we do have volunteers since we all love to look, feel, touch the yarn, feel free to join us.

Carla who is the editor, writer, creator of our newsletter is hard at work designing new and innovative classes for the summer and fall. I do have to say that Carla has one of the most fabulous classes around-knitting on 2 circular needles. I have always knit socks on double point needles. I don't mind the needles, but I always ended up losing one and they are a little cumbersome for me. Then, Carla showed me how to knit socks using 2 circulars-I am in love. Not only is it easier for me to knit but I believe that it is faster. Maybe that is becasue I am enjoying it so much. Who knows, but at least you should try it. And Linda is starting a breakfast group that meets in the morning. Besides learning new skills you get to chat, have bagels and meet new people. For all of you teachers out there, this is the place to be. Check out the website for Carla's and Linda's classes.

If we don't teach the class, let us know and we will design it.

I can't believe it but our anniversay is coming up in September-2 years!! This year we are going to have a fashion show with prizes, entertainment, food. The garments have to be knit using Knit One yarn but you can use your own pattern or design. More to come later but get those needles moving!

I would love feedback regarding my blog- is it too newsy-dull-repetitive. Just don't tell me that I need to be able to take better pictures or my grammar would never get me a job as a writer-I know that.

Until next time.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So....I have to do inventory this year. I was supposed to do it last year but oops...I was having too much fun in the store and doing inventory seemed like such a tedious thing to do. Big Mistake! My accountant has been mad with me ever since because she says you have to do inventory to find out if you are making a profit or loss and to apply the correct figures to your income tax. So, the thought of counting every single skein of yarn semed too daunting. The lightbulb goes off in my head and I thought what can make the job less stressful? Less yarn of course. I think you have the picture. The other incentive was that I was going to the Trade Show in Columbus and I thought well, with more shelf space more yarn to buy, like the new yarn made from corn. Great for socks. And, of course I would not accept deliveries until after the inventory was completed. So, I hope you will be there early and stay late. I can guarantee that you will get terrific bargains like Lorna's Laces, Colinette, Fiesta, Noro, Mountain Colours, Alchemy, Rowan...etc.
In my next entry I am going to share with you pictures from the fashion show at the trade show. Most of the companies knit up something spectacular and the models walk the runway. I am just going to give you a preview by showing you one of my favorite skirts from Claudia Handpaints.
This pattern will be available later. The top is very cute too. I hope you can enlarge it on your computer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today I met with my rep Donna from Skacel who showed me the newest yarns from Sheep Shop, Skacel, Lobster Pot, and Frog Tree. I fell in love with this new DK sock yarn from Trek. This is a child's sweater knit up in Trek. It looks like Fair Isle. One of my customers considered having the rep send the yarn overnight mail because she was desparate for it. The colors in the photo do not do it justice.
It looks like this Fall is going to be big on color and the hot item is socks and more socks.
I have another picture which I would like to add to the blog, but my computer keeps freezing. I can't mess with it much longer because the final episode of Law and Order: SVU is on and I am a L&A addict so I will try one more time and if the picture does not upload, I will call it a night. Oh well, something is wrong ...will try again tomorrow.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have been thinking about the Needlearts Trade Show which is coming up in the beginning of June. It is a very exciting time for retail store owners because we get to see all the new yarns and fibers along with seeing what is "hot" for the fall. The highlight for me is the fashion show held on a Friday night. There are probably about 100 garments from the major and minor companies, all displayed on those too thin models strutting down the runway. My favorite last year was the one from Koigu which was a long coat. It was so colorful and meticulously designed.
So, in preparation for my visit to Columbus, Ohio where the show is held, I thought I would get in the mood by designing my own little ensemble. I use the word ensemble loosely because it is just one piece...a sweater. But, I wrote my pattern, added little embellishments, and voila it is almost completed. I have one more sleeve and the collar to complete. Then, of course as we all know, the hardest part is next...sewing it together. If I could tell you or even show you all the sweaters that are in pieces waiting for me to seam them up. It is very sad but yet I reconcile it by telling myself that the process of knitting, of creating, is as gratifying to me as seeing and wearing the finished product. It is like going on a vacation. The planning can be as much fun as the trip itself. Well, maybe not as much fun but certainly it adds to the whole gestaldt. So, here is my uncompleted sweater. I am giving myself a deadline, Sunday night, as to when it has to be finished. I have so many other projects I am waiting to do. I am just saying that. I have so many projects on needles waiting for me to work on.

I used Rowan All Seasons Cotton in this sweater.This is the back(above).
Above is the sleeve. Below is one side of the front of the cardigan. I knit various stitches so blocking is going to be essential. After this little "show and tell" I feel much more motivated to complete it. At least I hope so!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to everyone...we celebrate our mothers and ourselves as mothers. It was such a beautiful day today, and what made it better was the weather was perfect for the Race for the Cure. Our charity kjnitters organized by Flo, knitted over 130 chemo caps for the race. It was a remarkable achievement and fortunately or unfortunately depending on your perspective, we distributed most of them. The knitters have already begun knitting for next year.

This is what the table looked like at Knit One with many of the chemo caps displayed.

Here we are at the Race with the chemo caps hanging on display at the gazebo.

Meet our famous knitter/instructor/professional clown Steven who gained notoriety from his meeting with the Yarn Harlot. He was there entertaining young and old.

We went to a friend's house for lunch after the race. She made this fabulous strawberry cake. It was made from Twinkies, strawberries and cool whip. It was a chemist's delight.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I thought I would do a little "show and tell" today.

This is my favorite knitting bag in the world. It comes from Be Sweet who hires women from South Africa to make their lovely products. There is a wonderful story behind their company so if you get a chance check out http://www.besweet.com/.

Check this out. Our own Linda P made this shawl from Sea Silk...a yarn from Hand Maiden. It is 70% silk and 30% sea cell which is a type of algae that comes form the ocean. Some say it has medicinal benefits. I think the benefits come from knitting with this yarn-so smooth and luscious. Linda taught a class on how to make this.

Here are my favorite scarf and shawl pins from Moving Mud. This company is a two person husband and wife team who make remarkably colorful fused glass ins, buttons and belt buckles.

This vest/scarf is called the tuxedo scarf and it comes from a book called Special Little Knits for One Skein Wonders. It is so simple to make and yet the effect is really cool. The best way to wear it is over a white shirt and you can use any kind of yarn but I think a boucle works best. I made mine from my favorite, Tanglewood. Or I should say my favorite at the moment, but I have seen it knit up with every kind of yarn imaginable.

I hope I have not bored you with my showing and telling. I just thought you might be interested in some of the things that give me pleasure so that maybe they will give you pleasure too.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here are some of the pictures of the friendly folks that I met at the Sheep and Wool Festival.

I am in love with this cutie!

I wish my cocker spaniel could stay as still as this guy when he is being grromed.

After seeing these beautiful wheels I seriously thought about learning how to spin.

Taking a little snooze.

Are these the world's largest needles?

These photos do not do these sheep justice. You really miss out on seeing their personality.

Monday, May 07, 2007

<;">I had the best time at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Unfortunately, I don't have my camera to upload my pictures today to my computer but since It has been a while since I blogged(?) ,I thought I better get to it right now rather than wait until I am home this evening to get my pictures on here.

What did I enjoy most about the festival? That is a hard one but the thing that first comes to mind is the community of knitters and crocheters that I felt akin to and connected. I think the second thing I enjoyed and in part because it was so novel, was watching the judging of the sheep. For those of you who have not seen this before, it is like watching a dog show but with sheep. The major impediment for me was that I could not hear a thing because the sheep were all baa-ing. I was really interested in hearing a description of the sheep, how they were judged, etc. but what can I say- sheep got to baa. However, I did meet up with really beautiful sheep in the barns, watched them being sheared, and learned a little about their historys.

I saw, felt, enjoyed some beautiful yarn, too. I loved the yarn from Brooks Farm. Too bad they don't sell it wholesale. I as always was mesmorized by the beautiful colorways and textures from Autumn House. I bought organic cotton from a distributor out of England-name escapes me. There were soooo many vendors and so much to exprience that it was a little overwhelming. Also, I saw many people that I knew from my store which was really fun. I could see that needle felting is very popular so I bought some pencil roving which I will try out. I have never really enjoyed using needles to felt with because they are a little hard on the hand but I think I am going to give it another shot. And, finally I have to say that while there I was having fantasies about becoming a spinner. I saw the most gorgeous wheels there-they were like works of art. I watched the spinners for a long time because there is something so melodious in what they do. It was relaxing to watch them.

Now for my complaints. First, bring your own food. I could not tell you if the food was good or bad because I refused to wait in a line that was over 45 minutes long and most of them were. Second, I had to opt for kettle korn as my appetizer and it was not quite up to snuff. I did enjoy a soft serve as my entree though. Second, do not drink too much liquid because the lines for the indoor bathrooms were huge. I have never been a fan of outhouses because when I was 7 years old I went to use one and I sat on a caterpillar. I am now scarred for life. Third, be prepared to allow plenty of time to park your car. I was told that some people waited for nearly 90 minutes before they got into the parking lot. The lines were huge.

With all that said, I had a blast! I will add my pictures later. I can't wait to show you the world's longest knitting needles. Until then...


Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am very eager to try out my new camera on my blog. So, today I took a couple of pictures at the store. These were the two that came out the best. Apparently, I forgot to focus and most of the pictures were unfocused. Oh well, this is the best of the rest. The first photo is of this new yarn that I received on Friday. It is Camelspin from Fiber Artist and it is 70% silk and 30% camel. The colors are remarkably vivid. The second photo is of a customer who came into the shop today who had made a sweater from Rowan Magazine 40 using Kid Silk Haze. It is lovely and the photo does not do it justice. Now for the hard part. I have to figure out how to upload the photos to this blog. Here goes...

I DID IT!!! I am so excited.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

I have been debating about going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival next weekend and I think I have finally decided to go. The debate had to do with first, I am not a driver or a very good passenger, so the thought of driving on the PA turnpike for 2 hours is a major deterrent; and second, I know it will be so overstimulating to be there that I will definately spend all of my wad (is that the correct spelling?). In any case, I am going to fight temptations, fight driving a boring car trip, and go and have fun. In retrospect, that does not sound so bad after all.

What is new at the store. First, we received more Fiber Artist silk(70%)camel(30%) yarn today. The colors are awesome. We have them lying on a table and it looks like an artist's palette of a collage of mesmerizing watercolors. Am I getting too poetic here? In any case, please come view and see for yourself.

Oh, I am so excited. I finally after being on a waiting list for months and months, received my new heavy, heavy duty ball winder. It is really a work of art. It is solid wood and steel. I can wind anything on this baby.

We recived some really interesting books. One book, Special Little Knits from just One Skein,has this really cool tuxedo scarf pattern in it. I showed it to my Shetland wool groupies, my lace knitters, and my Nordic sweater makers, and they thought it was too cool. What it looks like, and by the way I am knitting one for the store, is a scarf that goes around your neck on both sides and it has buttons that makes it look like you are wearing a tuxedo. This is a poor description and once I get it finished I will put it on the website for all to see. I finally got a new camera and hopefully I will be able to put photos on the website. If not, I will ask my 5 year old neighbor to show me how.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Today was a big day at the store because we received a yarn that Carla was dying for...Tango from Universal yarns. It resembles the ruffle scarf that is made from Online yarn but it is really cooler because the shades are nore varigated and you can knit on either side of the yarn. Plus, it is less expensive than Online. Carla is knitting a ruffled pillow for the store. Stop by and check it out but give her a little time to complete it.

We are planning our next Yarn Tasting for June 11 and we will be focusing on novelty yarns. There is going to be a little twist, not literally of course, to this tasting which we are still trying to finalize. As soon as we have something definitive, we will let you know.

We now have a bin of $2.00 yarns and accessories. Stop by and check it out. I will be adding to it periodically so there will always be something new.

If there are any yarns, books, accessories that you think I am missing at the store, please let me know. I am always interested in trying something new.

We have two new classes at the store , both offered by Steven. The first one is machine knitting and the other is Knitting for Men. Steven says why should all the women have the fun.

Don't forget the Race for the Cure. Join our team Knit One and knit or crochet chemo hats. We have a bunch already completed. I am donating the yarn so stop by the store if you would like to help out.


Friday, April 13, 2007

One of the customers who visits the store is making a baby blanket for Knit One using Plush by Berocco. You have to see it when it is completed because it is so soft and cuddly. It is truly the ultimate baby blanket and so easy to do. She is using size 17 needles, casting on about 60 stitches, and just plain knitting until her fourth skein of yarn runs out. I think she will have a really nice sized blanket. It will be on display in the store in about a week and I will try to take a photo for the gallery.

A customer came in today and said, "I don't read your blog because you never write except for maybe once a month." I said "when was the last time you checked?" She said "oh, about a month ago." I know that I have finally got the mesage. To be a true blogger you have to blog at least 3 times per week (I made up that number). She said she would check me out again so if you are reading this, "I told you so!"

So what new yarn have I received today. Beautiful Giotto yarn from Colinette. The colors are luscious. Also, I received felted scarf kits from Skacel. They are dynamite. Basically you cut out your scarf design from already felted varigated yarn. It sounds weird and somewhat uninteresting, but when I saw them at the knitting trade show in January, my heart went pitter patter which is a sign to myself that I have to have it in my store. Unfortunately, it took 3 months to arrive but I suppose it is because it is such a new, hot item. It is called Artfelt and you can view it at www.skacelknitting.com. I am going to ask Carla to make a sample this weekend. Carla can do anything!

Until next time,

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Last night we had our "cotton" yarn tasting party and it was a blast. There was a slew of people and we all sat together and knit with new cotton yarns, chatted up a storm, ate, drank (I promise I will bring wine next time) and just had fun. If you have not been to a yarn tasting, try to come to the next one. The date is yet to be announced.
So what am I knitting up? I decided to try my hand at designing a sweater. One of our Tuesday groupies Camille knit the most gorgeous cotton sweater which she created herself. She had such fun doing it I thought why not. I have to say I love my creation so far. I finished the back and am beginning the front. I feel like I am painting a sweater. I am using Rowan handknit cotton in blue, green, mauve and it has a sherbert look to it. I really adore the colors that cottons come in...they have a dreamy sort of look to them.
I hope everyone is going to join us at the Susan Komen Race for the Cure on Mother's Day. We have our own Team Knit One and all you have to do is go to the Komen website and sign up to be on our team. We are going to be stationed next to Brueger Bagels with a huge banner. We will be knitting chemo hats and giving them to whoever would like one. We have already knit a bunch. I owe this fabulous project to dear Flo who has organized this event.
I am trying to think of a cute ending to each of my threads. I really hate the one where I said "until we meet again." If you have a better one or really any one, let me know.
See ya

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I had this expectation that when I checked my blog I would have so many comments it would take me too long to read them. Surprise, surprise not a word back. I think it gets back to my previous blog...how I love to leave long voice messages because I am never interrupted but I guess you always expect a call back. So, I am feeling a little rejected and neglected but I'll get over it. In psychobabble terms this is called inducing guilt in the other person to get what you want. I am proclaiming my disclaimer already.
Today is an exciting day at the store. We are having our first ever dye class and Carla and I are raring to go. Yesterday, we performed our trial runs which was so much fun that several customers in the store begged to be allowed to take the workshop. We put their names on our list for the next workshop because we already have our quota of students. In any case, be prepared to see some really wild dyed yarns at the store. What is really cool is that if you have stash yarn which you are sick of looking at you can redye them.
The other big news is that FINALLY I received my Tanglewood yarns...not all of them but half of my order. They are to die for not only in terms of the colors, textures, designs but (gulp), the price. I think as do several of my customers who grabbed them up, they are worth it. Here we go for a little name dropping and showmanship. When I was at the trade show who appears at the Tanglewood booth but Sally Mellville. She buys skeins and skeins of this yarn, especially in one particular color. When she leaves I say to Trish the owner, I have got to have exactly what Sally Mellville bought. Oh my, the yarn is wall hanging worthy. Please come to the store and just admire, touch, swoon if you like...you don't have to buy. Trish is a little nutty. Before you can purchase her yarn you have to be "shop worthy." So, I had to send her a picture of my store and tell her about me, which of course as you can see I have no trouble doing, and then she will decide if you are shop worthy for her precious yarn. It sounds elitist I know, self serving, narcissistic, and any other arrogant adjective you can think of, but I rationalized it by saying she is an artist and is very self protective. By the way it took me 4 months to receive only half of the yarn I ordered. And, only 3 stores in the country along with Tracy Uhlmann (the yarn is used in her book) have this yarn. So come by and see it for yourself.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

With the advent of Spring I am hoping that I will be "springing" forward with my blogging. Two lovely women came into my store this weekend, Raven and I think the other woman's name was Pam, and I promised them that I would become a more productive blogger. So this is for you ladies...

I don't mean to applaud myself for my recent purchases, but I just received the most gorgeous yarns from Alchemy and Sauveterre. My heart went pitter patter when I first laid eyes on the stunning colors of Alchemy and the touch and feel of Sauveterre. I have to tell you that these yarns are pricey and probably one skein costs as much as 2 tickets to the Lowes theatre and a large popcorn and soda. But, it lasts longer, is not fattening, and you can enjoy it a lot longer than a few laughs or sighs during a movie. Alchemy has this bamboo that holds color beautifully. And Sauveterre's Italian cashmere is so self indulgent and smooth. You just have to come by and look and feel.

So, after indulging myself with these yarns, I used a psychological defense known as rationalization to allow myself to feel better about my expensive self indulgence. I came to the conclusion that knitting is not fattening nor dangerous to my physical health. In fact, it is so relaxing and soothing. I think it is better than a hot bath because the worst thing about a hot bath is that you have to get out of the water and be cold for a moment. With knitting, it can go on and on and there is no difficulties with the exit or reentry process. I hear people saying all the time that they are addicted to knitting like there is something wrong with that. I am addicted to breathing. Is there something wrong with that? Enough said.

The other yarn that I received (like it was a present) was the new Twinkle yarns from Classic Elite. The pattern book looks like a hardback Vogue magazine. The models are stunning, the clothes "to die for." but I have to admit that these patterns are not for everyone. Some of the patterns are a little avant-garde but most are very sophisticated and artistically designed. And the yarns are yummy with the luscious mohair costing under $6.50 for like 300 yards. You just have to see and touch it.

I can see that blogging is not so easy because you have to know when to stop. I have this awful habit of leaving extended messages to people on their answer machines as if I were having a conversation with them. No one interrupts or makes any comment at all, at least until the machine cuts me off. I am now wondering if I only have a limited amount of space for each blog and the screen will cut me off. Don't worry, I am not going to find out...at least not this time.

Until we meet again,