Sunday, July 22, 2007

I just wanted to thank everyone for shopping in the store this weekend to support Annie Modesitt and her family. I will be sending a donation to Annie given by the "closely knit community" of Knit One. When we hear about crises happening in other peoples' lives it always makes you stop and think "my problems are just not so bad." The challenge is to keep that thought in the front of our head rather than in the back. Annie and her family are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Until next time,

Friday, July 20, 2007

The coolest thin happened at the store today. Two women were shopping in the store and all of a sudden they looked at each other and they both screamed in unison. They had not seen each other since 1986 when they had been in high school together in Erie. Here they are:

They had so much fun at the store together it was a pleasure to see. Of course when I begged them to let me take their picture for the blog, one wanted to change her clothes, the other wanted to add a little makeup. I thought they looked beautiful just the way they were. How could anyone look bad with all that happiness all over their faces!

So what is new at the store. I don't know what your feelings are about machine knitting. I have never been interested in it except I have always thought it would be great to use the machine to knit sleeves. I hate knitting them because they seem tedious. One is no problem but the second seems daunting. Funny how it is not the same with socks. Maybe that's because the amount of time it takes to knit a sock is a heck of a lot shorter than the time it takes to knit a front and back of a sweater. Well, the good news is that Steven, one of our instructors, teaches knitting on a machine. Here is a picture of Steven teaching two students to knit on their Brother machine.

I hope the picture is clear enough so that you can see the machine. But Steven and his students certainly look happy and I can't wait to see the finished result.

This weekend we are donating a percentage of our sales to Annie Modesitt and her family. Her husband has a very serious illness and is very ill and in a lot of pain. They do not have health insurance. If you would like to read more about it please go to her website

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but I have been away on vacation trying hard to stay away from computers and emails. I succeeded! But here I am back in the real world staring at boxes and boxes of yarn, needles, bags, books, patterns. It seemed like everything began to arrive when I left. I have to admit that I have a lot more fun opening a couple of boxes rather than ten. Why you may ask? It is because the excitement and thrill of seeing what is in every box gets diluted by the 4th or 5th one. It is sort of like eating too much chocolate if that is possible. After about the 4th or 5th piece the flavor just isn't there anymore, at least for me.

So, what was in those boxes? Every single color of Cascade 220 known to man I think. Colorful new sock yarn from Plymouth; Boho that looks like Noro from Plymouth; Dale of Norway, Schaeffer, and I think I should stop here and keep to my principle of less is more. But I did receive these beautiful Chinese inscribed wooden boxes containing sets of bamboo crochet hooks and needles from Chicagoo. They are new this year and would be a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special. Unfrotunately, the crochet hooks flew out the door the minute I opened the box but I still have some of the straight needles left. Why does a yarn store owner say "unfortunately?" It is because I like to savour new things that I receive. I like to look at it , touch it, stare at it, take it all in. Oh well...And last but not least, we received more yarn from Artyarns. The beaded yarns lasted for about a minute. People just gobbled them up. There are silks, mohairs in some funky colors, silk and mohair, and merino wool. Knitters are making everything from scarves to shawls to tops to socks with the yarns. I know you want to see pictures...they will be coming soon.

This is my mini update. I hope it is not too boring to read without pictures. I was just feeling guilty that I had not blogged for a while.
Until nest time...