Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am thrilled to announce that we finally received our felting machine. The good news is that it arrived undamaged and the bad news is that we have not taken it out of the box...yet. So, for all you felters who have been afraid to use your washing machines because a/ you don't own one; b/ you are afraid that you will overshrink your garment; c/ you need to felt with friends rather than solo...Come On Down! As soon as we get it up and running, I will let you know. Carla already has a class in the works using the machine.
My second announcement is that I took the plunge and signed on to Plymouth yarn. So, for all of you who have been suffering from Encore withdrawal, your wait is over. I received 4 huge boxes of Plymouth yarn today.
The other yarn that I am thrilled about is Artyarns. I received their wool, silk, beaded silk and mohair yarns. The colors are phenomenal. The hand is luscious and you will just have to drop by and check it out. I have some fabulous patterns to go with the yarn, too. Check out Iris Schreier is the owner and she has written the new book Lacy Little Knits and the modular knits book. In fact, she is planning to come to Knit One in the Fall. I wish I could tell you the date now but her publisher is organizing the tour.

If you are one of those unfortunate knitters who don't receive Carla's newsletter, don't forget to sign up on this site. I have received rave reviews about it because it is so well written, informative, and the photos are picture perfect. Kudos to Carla!

Until next time

Monday, June 18, 2007

I know I should probably wait until I have something more substantial to say, so this is just a tiny note but in large letters. We received the Colinette Trunk Show today by accident. We were supposed to get it in one month but OOPS it came early and the "powers that be" have allowed me to keep it. There are some adorable sweaters for him and her, kids sweaters, adult vest, socks, shawl, cute cardigan and a lacy mohair sort of evening style wrap. I liked the wrap because it has sleeves but is very open so that if you would like to wear something sleeveless under it and you want to cover up your extremities, this is the coverup for you. Hope that makes sense but if it does not, more reason to come into the store to check it out.

Until later,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

These pre-summer days have been absolutely gorgeous...perfect weather for knitting something with silk, bamboo or cotton. Check out this one skein Alchemy scarf made with silk. The photo here does not do it justice so you will just have to come to the store and check it out. There is a pattern and it is a quick and easy project. Next time I take one of these photos I will have someone wear the garment. I think it will show up better.

Exciting things are happening in the store. First, we did have a fantastic sale. People were gathering in front of the shop at 7am. I think all who came were very pleased with their purchases. That is the good news. The bad news is that the staff are plodding along doing our inventory. If anybody wants to volunteer to help, and we do have volunteers since we all love to look, feel, touch the yarn, feel free to join us.

Carla who is the editor, writer, creator of our newsletter is hard at work designing new and innovative classes for the summer and fall. I do have to say that Carla has one of the most fabulous classes around-knitting on 2 circular needles. I have always knit socks on double point needles. I don't mind the needles, but I always ended up losing one and they are a little cumbersome for me. Then, Carla showed me how to knit socks using 2 circulars-I am in love. Not only is it easier for me to knit but I believe that it is faster. Maybe that is becasue I am enjoying it so much. Who knows, but at least you should try it. And Linda is starting a breakfast group that meets in the morning. Besides learning new skills you get to chat, have bagels and meet new people. For all of you teachers out there, this is the place to be. Check out the website for Carla's and Linda's classes.

If we don't teach the class, let us know and we will design it.

I can't believe it but our anniversay is coming up in September-2 years!! This year we are going to have a fashion show with prizes, entertainment, food. The garments have to be knit using Knit One yarn but you can use your own pattern or design. More to come later but get those needles moving!

I would love feedback regarding my blog- is it too newsy-dull-repetitive. Just don't tell me that I need to be able to take better pictures or my grammar would never get me a job as a writer-I know that.

Until next time.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So....I have to do inventory this year. I was supposed to do it last year but oops...I was having too much fun in the store and doing inventory seemed like such a tedious thing to do. Big Mistake! My accountant has been mad with me ever since because she says you have to do inventory to find out if you are making a profit or loss and to apply the correct figures to your income tax. So, the thought of counting every single skein of yarn semed too daunting. The lightbulb goes off in my head and I thought what can make the job less stressful? Less yarn of course. I think you have the picture. The other incentive was that I was going to the Trade Show in Columbus and I thought well, with more shelf space more yarn to buy, like the new yarn made from corn. Great for socks. And, of course I would not accept deliveries until after the inventory was completed. So, I hope you will be there early and stay late. I can guarantee that you will get terrific bargains like Lorna's Laces, Colinette, Fiesta, Noro, Mountain Colours, Alchemy, Rowan...etc.
In my next entry I am going to share with you pictures from the fashion show at the trade show. Most of the companies knit up something spectacular and the models walk the runway. I am just going to give you a preview by showing you one of my favorite skirts from Claudia Handpaints.
This pattern will be available later. The top is very cute too. I hope you can enlarge it on your computer.