Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am very eager to try out my new camera on my blog. So, today I took a couple of pictures at the store. These were the two that came out the best. Apparently, I forgot to focus and most of the pictures were unfocused. Oh well, this is the best of the rest. The first photo is of this new yarn that I received on Friday. It is Camelspin from Fiber Artist and it is 70% silk and 30% camel. The colors are remarkably vivid. The second photo is of a customer who came into the shop today who had made a sweater from Rowan Magazine 40 using Kid Silk Haze. It is lovely and the photo does not do it justice. Now for the hard part. I have to figure out how to upload the photos to this blog. Here goes...

I DID IT!!! I am so excited.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

I have been debating about going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival next weekend and I think I have finally decided to go. The debate had to do with first, I am not a driver or a very good passenger, so the thought of driving on the PA turnpike for 2 hours is a major deterrent; and second, I know it will be so overstimulating to be there that I will definately spend all of my wad (is that the correct spelling?). In any case, I am going to fight temptations, fight driving a boring car trip, and go and have fun. In retrospect, that does not sound so bad after all.

What is new at the store. First, we received more Fiber Artist silk(70%)camel(30%) yarn today. The colors are awesome. We have them lying on a table and it looks like an artist's palette of a collage of mesmerizing watercolors. Am I getting too poetic here? In any case, please come view and see for yourself.

Oh, I am so excited. I finally after being on a waiting list for months and months, received my new heavy, heavy duty ball winder. It is really a work of art. It is solid wood and steel. I can wind anything on this baby.

We recived some really interesting books. One book, Special Little Knits from just One Skein,has this really cool tuxedo scarf pattern in it. I showed it to my Shetland wool groupies, my lace knitters, and my Nordic sweater makers, and they thought it was too cool. What it looks like, and by the way I am knitting one for the store, is a scarf that goes around your neck on both sides and it has buttons that makes it look like you are wearing a tuxedo. This is a poor description and once I get it finished I will put it on the website for all to see. I finally got a new camera and hopefully I will be able to put photos on the website. If not, I will ask my 5 year old neighbor to show me how.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Today was a big day at the store because we received a yarn that Carla was dying for...Tango from Universal yarns. It resembles the ruffle scarf that is made from Online yarn but it is really cooler because the shades are nore varigated and you can knit on either side of the yarn. Plus, it is less expensive than Online. Carla is knitting a ruffled pillow for the store. Stop by and check it out but give her a little time to complete it.

We are planning our next Yarn Tasting for June 11 and we will be focusing on novelty yarns. There is going to be a little twist, not literally of course, to this tasting which we are still trying to finalize. As soon as we have something definitive, we will let you know.

We now have a bin of $2.00 yarns and accessories. Stop by and check it out. I will be adding to it periodically so there will always be something new.

If there are any yarns, books, accessories that you think I am missing at the store, please let me know. I am always interested in trying something new.

We have two new classes at the store , both offered by Steven. The first one is machine knitting and the other is Knitting for Men. Steven says why should all the women have the fun.

Don't forget the Race for the Cure. Join our team Knit One and knit or crochet chemo hats. We have a bunch already completed. I am donating the yarn so stop by the store if you would like to help out.


Friday, April 13, 2007

One of the customers who visits the store is making a baby blanket for Knit One using Plush by Berocco. You have to see it when it is completed because it is so soft and cuddly. It is truly the ultimate baby blanket and so easy to do. She is using size 17 needles, casting on about 60 stitches, and just plain knitting until her fourth skein of yarn runs out. I think she will have a really nice sized blanket. It will be on display in the store in about a week and I will try to take a photo for the gallery.

A customer came in today and said, "I don't read your blog because you never write except for maybe once a month." I said "when was the last time you checked?" She said "oh, about a month ago." I know that I have finally got the mesage. To be a true blogger you have to blog at least 3 times per week (I made up that number). She said she would check me out again so if you are reading this, "I told you so!"

So what new yarn have I received today. Beautiful Giotto yarn from Colinette. The colors are luscious. Also, I received felted scarf kits from Skacel. They are dynamite. Basically you cut out your scarf design from already felted varigated yarn. It sounds weird and somewhat uninteresting, but when I saw them at the knitting trade show in January, my heart went pitter patter which is a sign to myself that I have to have it in my store. Unfortunately, it took 3 months to arrive but I suppose it is because it is such a new, hot item. It is called Artfelt and you can view it at I am going to ask Carla to make a sample this weekend. Carla can do anything!

Until next time,

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Last night we had our "cotton" yarn tasting party and it was a blast. There was a slew of people and we all sat together and knit with new cotton yarns, chatted up a storm, ate, drank (I promise I will bring wine next time) and just had fun. If you have not been to a yarn tasting, try to come to the next one. The date is yet to be announced.
So what am I knitting up? I decided to try my hand at designing a sweater. One of our Tuesday groupies Camille knit the most gorgeous cotton sweater which she created herself. She had such fun doing it I thought why not. I have to say I love my creation so far. I finished the back and am beginning the front. I feel like I am painting a sweater. I am using Rowan handknit cotton in blue, green, mauve and it has a sherbert look to it. I really adore the colors that cottons come in...they have a dreamy sort of look to them.
I hope everyone is going to join us at the Susan Komen Race for the Cure on Mother's Day. We have our own Team Knit One and all you have to do is go to the Komen website and sign up to be on our team. We are going to be stationed next to Brueger Bagels with a huge banner. We will be knitting chemo hats and giving them to whoever would like one. We have already knit a bunch. I owe this fabulous project to dear Flo who has organized this event.
I am trying to think of a cute ending to each of my threads. I really hate the one where I said "until we meet again." If you have a better one or really any one, let me know.
See ya