Saturday, March 24, 2007

I had this expectation that when I checked my blog I would have so many comments it would take me too long to read them. Surprise, surprise not a word back. I think it gets back to my previous I love to leave long voice messages because I am never interrupted but I guess you always expect a call back. So, I am feeling a little rejected and neglected but I'll get over it. In psychobabble terms this is called inducing guilt in the other person to get what you want. I am proclaiming my disclaimer already.
Today is an exciting day at the store. We are having our first ever dye class and Carla and I are raring to go. Yesterday, we performed our trial runs which was so much fun that several customers in the store begged to be allowed to take the workshop. We put their names on our list for the next workshop because we already have our quota of students. In any case, be prepared to see some really wild dyed yarns at the store. What is really cool is that if you have stash yarn which you are sick of looking at you can redye them.
The other big news is that FINALLY I received my Tanglewood yarns...not all of them but half of my order. They are to die for not only in terms of the colors, textures, designs but (gulp), the price. I think as do several of my customers who grabbed them up, they are worth it. Here we go for a little name dropping and showmanship. When I was at the trade show who appears at the Tanglewood booth but Sally Mellville. She buys skeins and skeins of this yarn, especially in one particular color. When she leaves I say to Trish the owner, I have got to have exactly what Sally Mellville bought. Oh my, the yarn is wall hanging worthy. Please come to the store and just admire, touch, swoon if you don't have to buy. Trish is a little nutty. Before you can purchase her yarn you have to be "shop worthy." So, I had to send her a picture of my store and tell her about me, which of course as you can see I have no trouble doing, and then she will decide if you are shop worthy for her precious yarn. It sounds elitist I know, self serving, narcissistic, and any other arrogant adjective you can think of, but I rationalized it by saying she is an artist and is very self protective. By the way it took me 4 months to receive only half of the yarn I ordered. And, only 3 stores in the country along with Tracy Uhlmann (the yarn is used in her book) have this yarn. So come by and see it for yourself.


Jess said...

I read it! Your store just looks so delightful, and you seem like a fabulous gal yourself.
I need to stop in someday.

Kristen said...

I checked on it for awhile when the first post went up, but them stopped reading until I heard you mention yesterday that you had updated it. Yes, the dyeing workshop was tons of fun and I'm pretty pleased with my yarn. Thanks for having the workshop!

Maggie said...

Hi, Stacey. Hope you located the missing dyes by now. I enjoyed the experience and can't wait to get more involved. Can you tell me something about the yarn we used for the first dying? What ever was twisted with it didn't dye much at all. Is it a DK weight? 100 grams? Name and content? Any suggestions for one skein patterns? Are you going to carry the dyes by themselves or just the kits?

stacey said...

Hi Maggie,
The yarn we used was called Elaine and it is from Kraemer. That yarn is 100% wool. I think the yarn you are referring to is another yarn made by Kraemer and it has 2% polyester which accounts for the yarn that did not dye. It is supposed to have a more "interesting" effect. Who knows? Both yarns are DK weights-100 grams. There is a fabulous book called one skein that you can get some neat ideas from, but the tried and true patterns are for fingerless gloves, hats, scarves, ipod holders, pouches. For the time being I am going to sell the kits but plan in the future to sell just the dyes. I am waiting until I sell most of the kits before I add the dyes so ask your friends if they did not attend the workshop to purchase one.
Best regards,

TheWoolgatherer said...

If you're looking for comments, I think the Yarn Harlot has done a great service by mentioning you on her blog ;)

I'm saying hi because I was born and raised in Pgh and left only 4 years ago. I knit some 20 years ago, but took it back up only 2 years ago - so I'm sorry I missed visiting your store! But when I visit, I'll be sure to pop in. In fact, your store might be the reason to go back - but don't tell my friends I said that :)

Victoria said...

Wow, just saw the post on the Yarn Harlot's blog. Nora asked to go the yarn store on Thursday, and had we not had company coming over I would've taken her. To think we could've had our own Harlot sighting!

spinningmom said...

HAY! I love ewe Stacy and looking forward to more Blog news! We are spinning lots and you should have received more yarn last week. Had to dye more Newport Rocks! Leigh (Radford, that is) says TFC yarn is going to be in one of her next books too! Also there is a Tanglewood Pullover in the new book Handknit Style II by Beryl Hiatt and Lindy Phelps!
I'd love to come and spin at Knit One! Glad that Stephanie YH came to the shop! Trish, Tanglewood Fiber Creations,

DPUTiger said...

I'm a native Pittsburgher exiled in Los Angeles. What's the Tracy Ullman yarn you referred to? Wildfiber, the shop she frequents, is near my office and I want to look for that yarn!

My husband and I are hoping to move back to the 'Burgh and my parents and brother still live in the South Hills. I hope to become a regular in your store before too much longer! :)

Dr. Stacey said...

The yarn is Tanglewood. I hope they have it at your shop.