Sunday, June 17, 2007

These pre-summer days have been absolutely gorgeous...perfect weather for knitting something with silk, bamboo or cotton. Check out this one skein Alchemy scarf made with silk. The photo here does not do it justice so you will just have to come to the store and check it out. There is a pattern and it is a quick and easy project. Next time I take one of these photos I will have someone wear the garment. I think it will show up better.

Exciting things are happening in the store. First, we did have a fantastic sale. People were gathering in front of the shop at 7am. I think all who came were very pleased with their purchases. That is the good news. The bad news is that the staff are plodding along doing our inventory. If anybody wants to volunteer to help, and we do have volunteers since we all love to look, feel, touch the yarn, feel free to join us.

Carla who is the editor, writer, creator of our newsletter is hard at work designing new and innovative classes for the summer and fall. I do have to say that Carla has one of the most fabulous classes around-knitting on 2 circular needles. I have always knit socks on double point needles. I don't mind the needles, but I always ended up losing one and they are a little cumbersome for me. Then, Carla showed me how to knit socks using 2 circulars-I am in love. Not only is it easier for me to knit but I believe that it is faster. Maybe that is becasue I am enjoying it so much. Who knows, but at least you should try it. And Linda is starting a breakfast group that meets in the morning. Besides learning new skills you get to chat, have bagels and meet new people. For all of you teachers out there, this is the place to be. Check out the website for Carla's and Linda's classes.

If we don't teach the class, let us know and we will design it.

I can't believe it but our anniversay is coming up in September-2 years!! This year we are going to have a fashion show with prizes, entertainment, food. The garments have to be knit using Knit One yarn but you can use your own pattern or design. More to come later but get those needles moving!

I would love feedback regarding my blog- is it too newsy-dull-repetitive. Just don't tell me that I need to be able to take better pictures or my grammar would never get me a job as a writer-I know that.

Until next time.

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PattiK said...

Carla has created a monster! I have fallen in love with the 2 circular needle socks. Your yarn to make socks has also become an obsession for me.

Congrats on your sale. Wish I had been in town. Also looking forward to your 2nd anniversary. What a great place to learn, spend time and of course money. But it is all worth it! Anyone that hasn't been to the shop is missing out and I would encourage them to go soon.