Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am thrilled to announce that we finally received our felting machine. The good news is that it arrived undamaged and the bad news is that we have not taken it out of the box...yet. So, for all you felters who have been afraid to use your washing machines because a/ you don't own one; b/ you are afraid that you will overshrink your garment; c/ you need to felt with friends rather than solo...Come On Down! As soon as we get it up and running, I will let you know. Carla already has a class in the works using the machine.
My second announcement is that I took the plunge and signed on to Plymouth yarn. So, for all of you who have been suffering from Encore withdrawal, your wait is over. I received 4 huge boxes of Plymouth yarn today.
The other yarn that I am thrilled about is Artyarns. I received their wool, silk, beaded silk and mohair yarns. The colors are phenomenal. The hand is luscious and you will just have to drop by and check it out. I have some fabulous patterns to go with the yarn, too. Check out Iris Schreier is the owner and she has written the new book Lacy Little Knits and the modular knits book. In fact, she is planning to come to Knit One in the Fall. I wish I could tell you the date now but her publisher is organizing the tour.

If you are one of those unfortunate knitters who don't receive Carla's newsletter, don't forget to sign up on this site. I have received rave reviews about it because it is so well written, informative, and the photos are picture perfect. Kudos to Carla!

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