Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It is difficult for me to keep up with this blog because now I am writing the newsletter every two weeks for the shop. From my perspective, it is like writing a short story. You try to describe the happenings at the shop, present a few twists or come-ons, show pictures, and tell people what they shouldn't miss. Maybe it is really not a short story but a soap opera, not the nasty kind of course. Oh better yet, I think it is a journal. Well, enough of my obsessing, call it whatever you want. I am going to stick with diary(couldn't resist adding another one).

We are so excited about our upcoming Birthday party which is September 8. We have been planning it for quite a while and will have several trunk shows including Lorna's Laces, an exciting fashion show where everyone is a winner and there will be one grand prize winner, so please enter your garment. Of course there will be cake and refreshments and a sale on novelty yarns. More important, at least from my perspective, is that you will get to chat with fellow knitters and have fun.

New subject...Linda has been working with Sharon who owns Yoga Matrika in Squirrel Hill. They have been doing yoga/knitting workshops and apparently they are a big hit. Check it out at www.yogamatrika.com.

Until next time


Jude said...

I was concerned about the extra work you have now with writing the Newsletter every two weeks. I do think you do a Good job. I have heard several comments about the improvement in the newsletter.

Kudos to you!


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