Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have been thinking about the Needlearts Trade Show which is coming up in the beginning of June. It is a very exciting time for retail store owners because we get to see all the new yarns and fibers along with seeing what is "hot" for the fall. The highlight for me is the fashion show held on a Friday night. There are probably about 100 garments from the major and minor companies, all displayed on those too thin models strutting down the runway. My favorite last year was the one from Koigu which was a long coat. It was so colorful and meticulously designed.
So, in preparation for my visit to Columbus, Ohio where the show is held, I thought I would get in the mood by designing my own little ensemble. I use the word ensemble loosely because it is just one piece...a sweater. But, I wrote my pattern, added little embellishments, and voila it is almost completed. I have one more sleeve and the collar to complete. Then, of course as we all know, the hardest part is next...sewing it together. If I could tell you or even show you all the sweaters that are in pieces waiting for me to seam them up. It is very sad but yet I reconcile it by telling myself that the process of knitting, of creating, is as gratifying to me as seeing and wearing the finished product. It is like going on a vacation. The planning can be as much fun as the trip itself. Well, maybe not as much fun but certainly it adds to the whole gestaldt. So, here is my uncompleted sweater. I am giving myself a deadline, Sunday night, as to when it has to be finished. I have so many other projects I am waiting to do. I am just saying that. I have so many projects on needles waiting for me to work on.

I used Rowan All Seasons Cotton in this sweater.This is the back(above).
Above is the sleeve. Below is one side of the front of the cardigan. I knit various stitches so blocking is going to be essential. After this little "show and tell" I feel much more motivated to complete it. At least I hope so!

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