Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today I met with my rep Donna from Skacel who showed me the newest yarns from Sheep Shop, Skacel, Lobster Pot, and Frog Tree. I fell in love with this new DK sock yarn from Trek. This is a child's sweater knit up in Trek. It looks like Fair Isle. One of my customers considered having the rep send the yarn overnight mail because she was desparate for it. The colors in the photo do not do it justice.
It looks like this Fall is going to be big on color and the hot item is socks and more socks.
I have another picture which I would like to add to the blog, but my computer keeps freezing. I can't mess with it much longer because the final episode of Law and Order: SVU is on and I am a L&A addict so I will try one more time and if the picture does not upload, I will call it a night. Oh well, something is wrong ...will try again tomorrow.

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