Saturday, April 28, 2007

I have been debating about going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival next weekend and I think I have finally decided to go. The debate had to do with first, I am not a driver or a very good passenger, so the thought of driving on the PA turnpike for 2 hours is a major deterrent; and second, I know it will be so overstimulating to be there that I will definately spend all of my wad (is that the correct spelling?). In any case, I am going to fight temptations, fight driving a boring car trip, and go and have fun. In retrospect, that does not sound so bad after all.

What is new at the store. First, we received more Fiber Artist silk(70%)camel(30%) yarn today. The colors are awesome. We have them lying on a table and it looks like an artist's palette of a collage of mesmerizing watercolors. Am I getting too poetic here? In any case, please come view and see for yourself.

Oh, I am so excited. I finally after being on a waiting list for months and months, received my new heavy, heavy duty ball winder. It is really a work of art. It is solid wood and steel. I can wind anything on this baby.

We recived some really interesting books. One book, Special Little Knits from just One Skein,has this really cool tuxedo scarf pattern in it. I showed it to my Shetland wool groupies, my lace knitters, and my Nordic sweater makers, and they thought it was too cool. What it looks like, and by the way I am knitting one for the store, is a scarf that goes around your neck on both sides and it has buttons that makes it look like you are wearing a tuxedo. This is a poor description and once I get it finished I will put it on the website for all to see. I finally got a new camera and hopefully I will be able to put photos on the website. If not, I will ask my 5 year old neighbor to show me how.



spinningmom said...

Have a great time! We are down to the last skeins so look forward to getting the last box when you arrive home from Maryland

Working Mom Knits said...

Re; traveling to Maryland - try I68 instead (you skip Breezewood all together and join I70 at Hancock. Much nicer roads and very pretty. Takes the same amount of time.
Hope to see you at the fairgrounds : )