Friday, April 13, 2007

One of the customers who visits the store is making a baby blanket for Knit One using Plush by Berocco. You have to see it when it is completed because it is so soft and cuddly. It is truly the ultimate baby blanket and so easy to do. She is using size 17 needles, casting on about 60 stitches, and just plain knitting until her fourth skein of yarn runs out. I think she will have a really nice sized blanket. It will be on display in the store in about a week and I will try to take a photo for the gallery.

A customer came in today and said, "I don't read your blog because you never write except for maybe once a month." I said "when was the last time you checked?" She said "oh, about a month ago." I know that I have finally got the mesage. To be a true blogger you have to blog at least 3 times per week (I made up that number). She said she would check me out again so if you are reading this, "I told you so!"

So what new yarn have I received today. Beautiful Giotto yarn from Colinette. The colors are luscious. Also, I received felted scarf kits from Skacel. They are dynamite. Basically you cut out your scarf design from already felted varigated yarn. It sounds weird and somewhat uninteresting, but when I saw them at the knitting trade show in January, my heart went pitter patter which is a sign to myself that I have to have it in my store. Unfortunately, it took 3 months to arrive but I suppose it is because it is such a new, hot item. It is called Artfelt and you can view it at I am going to ask Carla to make a sample this weekend. Carla can do anything!

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Happy to see you are blogging..