Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am very eager to try out my new camera on my blog. So, today I took a couple of pictures at the store. These were the two that came out the best. Apparently, I forgot to focus and most of the pictures were unfocused. Oh well, this is the best of the rest. The first photo is of this new yarn that I received on Friday. It is Camelspin from Fiber Artist and it is 70% silk and 30% camel. The colors are remarkably vivid. The second photo is of a customer who came into the shop today who had made a sweater from Rowan Magazine 40 using Kid Silk Haze. It is lovely and the photo does not do it justice. Now for the hard part. I have to figure out how to upload the photos to this blog. Here goes...

I DID IT!!! I am so excited.



LisaBe said...

wow--that yarn just *gleams*!! it's beautiful.

spinningmom said...

YEA! Mastery of "the blog" isn't easy. Great going Stacy! Trish

Jane said...


You are slacking on the blog.. Just for the record Mosaic Yarn in Blackburn VA is accepting 8 x 8 squares, knitted or crochet to make blankets for the families of the victims. Squares can be burnt orange, black, burgundy or white.
and the deadline is May 31st.

Mosaic Yarn
880 University Blvd
Blackburn, VA 24060.

Thanks Jane